Radio Interviews with Phil Beswick

BBC Manchester - Mike Shaft - 27th January 2013

BBC Manchester - 23rd September 2013

BBC Lancashire - Sally Naden - 11th February 2014


"A brilliant and informative read" - Songara

"It was difficult to put this book down. It was sad, happy, informative and well written. I have tremendous admiration for this author and his ability to recount his travels and share his innermost feelings in his writing. The book is inspiring and humbling - most of us are caught up in a materialistic society and Phil's story puts this all in perspective. I hope he raises lots of funds for Bury Hospice."

"A book you need to read." - Alan

"I have had the pleasure to know Phil for a number of years now and class him as a good friend. When he told me about his plans I was a bit sceptical as he was planning to leave what was at that time a secure job and a stable life once he got over his failed marriage.
Reading Phil’s book I have come to appreciate what mixed emotions he has gone through, the sacrifices he has made but also he has had the privilege to help people and animals around the world. The book is a great way to escape the mundane working day to day life that the majority of us put up with, and it will give you some good advice and motivation to follow him in his life changing journey if that is your destiny.
Well done mate."



2013 saw another adventure; this time in Scandanavia! Coming soon, the follow up to ‘Soaring with Eagles, Flying with Turkeys?’. Phil volunteered in Norway with disadvantaged children and as a carpenter, helping to change the lives of young people at a spiritual retreat deep in the forest, before fulfilling a lifetime ambition to work with and mush huskies in Arctic Finland!

2014 sees Phil leave the shores once more to work with handicapped children in Bavaria……and who knows what will happen from there?  If you don’t mind a little colourful language, check out some of the videos below; it gives you an idea of how funny the writing really is! It certainly were an amazing experience, and one that has started the next book off to a flying start!


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